Practice Schedule

2017-18 Schedule

We will host two swim practice groups throughout the season:

  • Green Practice (starting 9/27) is for swimmers up to age 10 and lasts one hour, Tue-Fri from 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • White Practice (starting 9/27) is for swimmers age 11 & over (and younger swimmers who move up at coach's discretion) and  lasts 90-minutes, Tues-Fri from 7:30pm-9:00pm
  • Dive Practice (starting 9/25): Mon 6:30-7:30pm and Wed 7:30-9pm

In addition to weeknight practices, swim practice will be offered on Saturdays during the pre-season.

  • Green Practice: 9-10:15am
  • White Practice: 10:15-12noon
  • Diving Practice: 10-11:30am

Practices are subject to change - Core schedule will be posted to our Google Calendar. Updates will be communicated via Facebook (please be sure to follow us) and text message.